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Never answer the phone without knowing who's calling you

The fastest and most advanced reverse phone lookup application on the Android platform.

WHO'S CALLING ME- USA will identify in real-time the name and address of any incoming number not in the phone's address book, while the phone is ringing.

The results are displayed on the incoming call screen, allowing you to decide whether or not to answer..

How Does It Work ?

As soon as the phone starts ringing, WHO'S CALLING ME - USA starts working..

​The app will trap any unrecognised number and query it against the Whitepages databases.

The name and address of the caller will be displayed on screen

How Fast Is It ?

As soon as WHO'S CALLING ME - USA traps an unrecognised number, the application starts working immediatly in the background.

​Results are obtained and displayed on screen in as little as 1 second.

Target Audience

WHO'S CALLING ME - USA is for everyone.. Whether you are a professional, a student or a stay at home mom, WHO'S CALLING ME - USA will work for you..

​Ignore those pesky calls by telemarketers, collection agencies and sales people, while always answering the phone to a potential employer, a sales lead or a long lost friend.